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Football fans from around the world are waiting eagerly for FIFA Qatar 2022 and are willing to fly to this gulf country for supporting their country in the world’s biggest international football championship.

FIFA will be held in Qatar in November and December, making the gulf winter spiced up with exotic fun for those who are in love with this sport. It is for the first time in history that the FIFA trophy is coming to an Arab country and only the second time when it is being held in Asia. While the fans are waiting for FIFA to start, there are a lot of things related to the league that is drawing their attention.

One of these things includes the 14th FIFA ball by Adidas named Al Rihla. In the article ahead, we are going to discuss the details and specialties which are manufactured by the world’s largest sports equipment producers in the world.

How Al Rihla is made?

How Al Rihla is made

Al Rihla is one of those balls that are made exclusively by Adidas for the FIFA world cups. In the line of the last 13 FIFA footballs, Al Rihla is the 14th successive edition by Adidas to cater to the needs of the biggest championship on the face of the earth.

Made with extremely high-quality raw material and designed after months of research from leading sports scientists in the world, Al Rihla is a masterpiece in itself.

Al Rihla is made with 70% polyurethane, 20% recycled polyester, and 10% viscose cover which makes it an environmentally friendly choice even after being manufactured in such large quantities. It contains a rubber bladder that can take severely high temperatures of the Arab without creating any difficulties during the game.

The entire aerodynamics for Al Rihla is inspired by a dhow and has s speed shell panel with a diamond-cut design. Al Rihla is designed to reduce the ATP around the ball giving it a perfect accuracy while being hit.

Apart from all the technicalities, Al Rihla also has an aesthetic appearance and is built in pure white indicating the world-peace in the times of ultimate distress.

The vibrant colors of this FIFA world cup ball showcase the diversity of the countries and cultures from around the world coming together to rise against a larger cause.

Symbolism of Al Rihla

Al Rihla is not only a regular football that is going to be used for playing the biggest championship in the world. It is designed with keeping every tiny detail into consideration and making it sure that shares a message with the world that is bigger than the sport.

Al Rihla is designed by Adidas in collaboration with FIFA and together they have created n ultimate ball for an ultimate championship. Al Rihla is faster in flight than any other ball ever played with in the FIFA world cup, making it perfect for fast-paced and high-intensity matches.

Al Rihla means ‘the journey’ in the Arabic language and it symbolizes the culture, tradition, and monuments of the Arab world. From long voyages of deserts and extreme heat to hosting the world’s biggest tournament, Arab is showcasing its rise to the world with pride. It also has graphics that symbolize the Qatari flag.

What Makes Al Rihla Different?

What Makes Al Rihla Different

Al Rihla is a football that is not only making football fans reach the brink of their seats but also contributing to creating a better world. Al RIhla will become the first ball in the entire 92-year-old history of the FIFA tournament that will actively raise funds positively impacting the world and driving a change.

One perfect of the net sales of Al Rihla will be contributed towards future initiatives of Common Goal Initiatives. This is the first time that FIFA sports equipment will be used for any philanthropic activity and that makes Al Rihla different from any other football in the world.

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When we are talking about the Al Rihla, it is one of the most advanced football prototypes for the most critical football league in the world. Designed by the leading sports scientists, even the slightest of the details were paid extensive attention which resulted in an almost perfect football.

Al Rihla is designed to cope with the need for speed and swift shots of the FIFA world cup and the rising standard of the game. The material used in the ergonomic design, along with other graphical details makes it truly unique.

In the article above, we tried to cover the details of Al Rihla the football for FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar and provide you with all the interesting information that will make you excited enough to join this global sports festival.

Fans from around the world are all set to do a blast in the Arab world while supporting their teams, will you be joining the fun?

Norbert Haubach
Norbert Haubach
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