After The French FA Delayed Seeking Footage From The UEFA Champions League Final, The CCTV Film Was Destroyed



Saturday was meant to be one of her most memorable days. The sun was shining, the mood was upbeat, and Paris was bathed in a sea of crimson. The attitude among Liverpool supporters was one of jubilation, hope, and optimism as they prepared to see their club compete in yet another Champions League final.

“A massive, Scouse party,” as one fan describes it, “with everyone having the time of their lives.” Outside the Stade de France and in the authorized ‘fan meeting zone’ at Cours de Vincennes, several supporters were subjected to tear gas and pepper spray attacks by French police.

Others came under attack from groups of local teenagers. In a street incident, at least one fan had his face cut, while another suffered a probable broken leg. Many more required medical attention and many more were so rattled that they will seriously consider whether or not to accompany their team abroad again in the future.

One of the fans said, “It was one of the most horrifying moments of my life.” “I don’t know how to convey what it’s like to be that near to something like that.”

As soon as supporters disembarked at the Stade de France metro station, disturbances began. From there, they attempted to make the short walk up to the stadium, which on a regular day would take 15-20 minutes, only to find massive lines as spectators were hemmed in as they made their way over, or under, the bustling A1 freeway, with minimum ticket checks and little to no signage.

At the turnstiles, the situation was no better. When supporters got to the stadium, they found a series of blocked gates and police and stewards indifferent to their complaints, having been forced through a dark, small underpass and encountering local pickpockets who made their way through the slow-moving lineups. The news was delivered via a message on the stadium’s huge screens. The delay was blamed on the “late arrival of fans,” sparking yells and whistles from the crowd.

Further Investigation Reports About The Incidents

After originally blaming the supporters, UEFA apologized to them on Friday for the “terrifying and upsetting” pandemonium during the Champions League final, after Real Madrid and Liverpool demanded an explanation from the organization.

“UEFA wishes to express its profound apologies to those viewers who were forced to see or endure terrifying and disturbing incidents in the build-up to the UEFA Champions League final,” it stated in a statement last Saturday.

“That should never happen to a football fan, and it must never happen again.” While trying to get inside the final, fans, including children, were tear-gassed, beaten, and intimidated. UEFA first accused late-arriving supporters of the turmoil and violence, but later blamed holders of fake tickets.

On Friday, UEFA said that it has commissioned an independent study to uncover deficiencies and duties of all parties engaged in the final’s organization, including clubs, federations, spectators, security, and the stadium operator.

While Liverpool fans were the ones who were most harmed, and the club has been compiling evidence and demanding action, Real Madrid also demanded explanations from UEFA for the chaos that left its fans alone and vulnerable. Madrid, which won the final 1-0, claimed the event soon devolved into a sequence of tragic occurrences that have sparked worldwide criticism. It referred to photographs in the media that showed supporters being “violently accosted, harassed, assaulted, and robbed.”

These incidents persisted as they traveled in their automobiles or buses, raising concerns about their physical safety. As a result of their injuries, some supporters had to spend the night in the hospital. The investigation into the incidents that transpired before the European showpiece match on May 28 at the Stade de France is still underway.

Video Records are No Longer Available!

The unfortunate events that occurred at the Stade de France on May 28 during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid continue to make headlines across Europe, with it now being revealed that CCTV footage capturing some of the chaotic scenes outside a historic venue has been destroyed.

A Senate inquiry examining alleged wrongdoings ahead of a major event on the outskirts of Paris has discovered that certain video records are no longer available, with officials dragging their feet in making requests. Video surveillance must be destroyed after seven days unless it becomes the subject of a legal problem under French law, yet the country’s football federation delayed more than 12 days before questioning individuals who had access to the tape.

UEFA Champions League Final Chaos CCTV Footage

What Happened To The CCTV Video From The Champions League Final?

Laurent Lafon, co-president of the Senate inquiry, was taken aback when he learned that tapes of such a high-profile occurrence – which resulted in the start of a worldwide spectacle being postponed – had been permitted to vanish.

“We’re startled,” he told AFP. “We have to figure out what occurred.” Lafon went on to say that the disaster in Paris was the consequence of “a cascade of dysfunctions” that can be traced back to a “lack of preparedness” by a venue that was given hosting rights after they were taken away from St Petersburg, Russia.

Senate leader Bruno Retailleau said, “Everything points to conclude that we willfully permitted compromising evidence to be destroyed.” Liverpool major Steve R otheram questioned why the FFF allowed the films to be deleted.

What Happened To The CCTV Footage

What Is The Following Process By The Authorities

According to French authorities, some camera footage from the evening in issue is still available, and films from public routes must be deleted after 30 days. UEFA is continuing its investigation as a matter of urgency, attempting to uncover why so many supporters were left outside the stadium as kick-off neared, as well as if local police forces acted inappropriately in using tear gas on groups of young children.

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Didier Lallement, the Paris police prefect, has already begun to retract claims he made at the time of the occurrences in issue, claiming that up to 40,000 bogus tickets were in circulation, causing delays and the closure of specific gates. “It was definitely a failure,” he continued, “since individuals were pushed around or attacked despite the fact that we owed them security.”

Investigations are also underway into why fans were left vulnerable to criminal gangs on their way out of the Stade de France, with several claiming to have been robbed at knifepoint. There are probably more pictures of violence perpetrated by all parties involved in the inquiry, including the police, in the film. The objective is to determine whether or not the violence was legal.

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